“We are the tools for change”

The community Lechecuagos (department of León) is a small rural destination in the hillside of volcano Cerro Negro. The rustic unpaved roads as well as the natural landscape are unique and home to more than 7.000 residents.

The people basically live from agriculture and mainly grow corn, beans, yucca, sugar cane and sesame. In the last couple of years the community improved a lot regarding infrastructure, e.g. road construction, electricity, drinking water and education.

The Center “Núcleo Educativo Rural La Asunción Fe y Alegría (NER)” provides quality education for more  than 1,300 students in primary and high school as well as preschool and a so-called multigrade school. Furthermore it develops community processes with impact on the various problems affecting the whole society. Thus sensitize the youth in trainings and workshops.

Luis Alfredo Chavarría is a young man of only 22 years and graduate of NER-La Asunción Fe y Alegría. He grew up in this community and has been part of various processes of change due to his abilities, high potential and virtues.

Luis, like others of his school, is being admired and well known for his commitment to improve his environment. Important to mention that life was not always a box of chocolate for Luís. From the start he had to confront a lot of obstacles and managed to use them for his own personal growth and to become a change agent for his own reality.

He shares his experience with us: “When I was in primary school I was a person without vision, no plan for my life whatsoever and everything was very tough. I did not grow up with my mother and my father died when I was five. All this influenced my behavior, my way of thinking and my being”.

Luís continues with pride: “When Fe y Alegría came into my life, because I joined this fantastic organization as a pupil, I experienced a radical change. I joined various groups of young people, established by Fe y Alegría Nicaragua with the goal to create change within ourselves first and then in the whole society. Luís is a thankful and proud member of the big Fe y Alegría family and convinced that he owes all his actual capabilities and the way of seeing the world to this great organization. He says smiling: "Fe y Alegría taught me fishing my own personal projects”.

At the moment Luís is studying medicine in his 5th year at the UNAN-León. He is satisfied that he now stands exactly where he always wanted to be: Finishing his studies and getting ready for the next phase in life, the working world.

This young successful man is not only satisfied but also ready for more commitment: “My vision is to keep contributing to a change in my society. Thank you Fe y Alegría for coming into my life and showing me the right way. Today I’m determined, committed, social and humble, with intention, goals and desires to create a change in the society I live in”.