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Receive a warm greeting full of abundant blessings and brotherhood.


Traces of Fe y Alegría in Nicaragua back in 1974 with the opening of our first school: the Roberto Clemente School that today includes more than 1,500 students in Ciudad Sandino. Our work since its inception has been a bridge to provide quality education and in that foundational year we wanted to provide education to children who were victims of the earthquake. Today there are other our beneficiaries, but something we have been clear from the very beginning is that we place ourselves on the borders, where there is greater need.

The community Lechecuagos (department of León) is a small rural destination in the hillside of volcano Cerro Negro. The rustic unpaved roads as well as the natural landscape are unique and home to more than 7.000 residents.

The people basically live from agriculture and mainly grow corn, beans, yucca, sugar cane and sesame. In the last couple of years the community improved a lot regarding infrastructure, e.g. road construction, electricity, drinking water and education.

The Center “Núcleo Educativo Rural La Asunción Fe y Alegría (NER)” provides quality education for more  than 1,300 students in primary and high school as well as preschool and a so-called multigrade school. Furthermore it develops community processes with impact on the various problems affecting the whole society. Thus sensitize the youth in trainings and workshops.